Web development costs are dependent on the nature of the project, the programming languages required and its complexity. I'm available for client projects, hourly rates and contracting roles.

For further information, please contact me directly. 


Before I can give any sort of estimation on the cost of your project or the time it might take to complete, I must be provided with a detailed scope, brief or design document. While technical specifications are great, they are not required. The most important thing is to make your brief as detailed as possible so that I can create a clear image of the project and its components in my mind. This allows me to give accurate costs and timings. 

After an estimate has been given, the scope of the project is "signed off" and any changes that fall outside the agreed upon scope will incur extra costs and hours.


All of my work comes with a warranty. This includes bug fixing and support free of charge for the duration of the warranty period. Periods vary depending on the complexity of the project. The warranty does not cover design, development or content changes. 


For all client projects, a 50% up front payment of the quoted amount will be required to be paid before work commences. If the project is especially large, payment plans which are in the interests of both parties can always be drawn up. 

For subcontracting or time based work, clients will be billed weekly without the requirement of any upfront payment. 

All invoices are payable within 14 days of issue. 


Each client's privacy and confidential data/content is of the utmost importance to me and is always respected. No contact, piece of data or content is shared with anyone unless they are directly involved with the project. If work is done through an agency or as a subcontractor, no  contact will be made the end client directly unless approval for this action has been given. 

Bugs and browser irregularities

Clients must understand that in any area of software development, bugs occur. When applications are complex, it is expected that there will be some bugs to squash before and during the launch of a project. They simply go with the territory.

Likewise, while the dark days of IE6 and 7 are well behind us, there will always be minor inconsistencies in how a browser renders a web page. While I try my hardest to fix any irregularities that happen, there are times when it is simply not possible to do so due to one browser implementing a feature differently to another.