My front end web development services adhere to web standards and follow the practice of progressive enhancement. For further reading feel free to read more about my front end web development skills and experience.


Taking a bunch of Photoshop (PSD) files and creating a fully functioning, standards compliant and responsive website, electronic direct mail or web application out of them is like buttering toast for me. Smooth, comfortable and ultimately delicious. 


I've jumped right into HTML5, Canvas and SVG by creating my very own HTML5 game engine. I've worked with a number of HTML5 / Web GL enabled frameworks for this project for both research and development purposes including ThreejsKineticjs, and Pixijs. As a result I am very familiar with Local Storage / Indexed DB as well as  HTML5 video and audio embedding. 


I like to develop sites that are as comfortable to use on a big desktop screen as they are on a tablet or phone. For this purpose I use a grid based framework I have developed myself which provides excellent functionality on all screen sizes.