While I love front end web development, back end web development is where a lot of the fun starts for me. For a bit more info, please read about my back end web development skills and experience.

The server side programming languages and database languages I work with are:

  • PHP (Laravel is the preferred framework of choice)
  • Nodejs
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB

The back end frameworks I work with are:

WordPress (Website Development)

I am an expert WordPress developer and build all sites that use it from scratch. I do not rely on third party plugins or bought themes as a vast majority of these are poorly coded and will cause the website to perform poorly or open it up to dangerous security threats. WordPress is a fantastic framework for getting content driven and even moderately complex websites up quickly, but like all frameworks it has its limitations and should not be used for eCommerce or highly involved web applications.

Laravel (Web Applications)

Laravel is the world's leading PHP Web Application development framework. I've designed, built and managed the delivery of a number of enterprise level web applications built with this framework and regard it very highly. If you need a Web Application, and are considering using PHP, this is the framework to use.