Hi, I’m Rohan Deshpande, a Sydney based full stack web developer specialising in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Nodejs, MySQL & MongoDB.


What I offer

I offer web development services for designers, agencies and businesses of all sizes.

This includes front end and back end solutions as well as working with many popular frameworks  and a wide variety of APIs. 

Each project is approached individually, I simply choose the right languages, frameworks and tools for the job.

I also have a broad scope of industry knowledge ranging from UI, UX & IA design to building database schemas and configuring optimal server environments.

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My skills

With over 10 years of web development experience my skillset includes;

Front End JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3

Back End PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB

Frameworks ReactThree, WordPress, Laravel

Tools git, npm, composer

APIs Facebook Apps, Twitter Apps, Instagram API, Google Maps API, Google Analytics API, Payment Gateways and many more

Server AWS, Ansible, Apache, Nginx, Linux

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